Joint Group

Kunming Magical View 5D4N

RM 2,590 / person (including flight ticket)

Kunming package 5 days, 4 nights is a joint group package. With joint group package, you can get lower price compare with private trip. This package including the flight ticket and all date is fonfirmed departure.

Osaka Muslim Tour 2020

RM 4,780 / person (including flight ticket)

This is joint group package and the price is lower than the private trip. We have 3 confirmed departure to choose as table below. Please contact us to check the seat availability.

Beijing Trip [6D4N] 2020

RM 2,390 / person (including flight ticket)

Beijing Trip [6D4N] is a joint group package. By this package, you can get lower price compare to the private trip. You can choose any pre-book date as below. This trip is comfirmed departure and inclusive with flight ticket. 

Korea [5D4N] Joint Group 2020

RM 3,390 / person (including flight ticket)

Korea [5D4N] Joint Group - many packages you can choose base on season like winter, school holiday, cherry blossom, summer and autumn. This is jont group packages that the price is cheaper than private trip. This packages already including flight ticket.

Balkan Trip [7 Negara] 2020

RM 6,998 / person (including flight ticket)

Balkan Trip 7 Negara - 10 hari 8 malam merupakan pakej joint group tahun 2020. Dengan pakej joint group anda boleh mendapatkan harga pakej yang lebih murah berbanding dengan pakej persendirian. Pakej ini bermula pada bulan September 2020 sehingga Desember 2020.